  seed
  ecco screen
  interactive audiovisual installation, 2015


seed is an interactive audiovisual installation based around the theme of nature.

It's composed of small particles that follow the observer's hand movements across the screen. As the particles move through their trajectory, they leave behind a trail of paint along a path that closely resembles lifelike movements found all over nature, creating these tentacle like shapes of varying pastel colors.
Subtle bell tones play along a mysterious sounding scale as the particles move swiftly across the palette. Sounds of birds chirping are faintly heard in the distance, which almost becomes impossible to tell if it's coming from 'seed' or if it's from the physical world.

Rays of sunlight subtly and occasionally glistens on the corners of the piece which again, is difficult to discern from reality as it looks like the sun is really there.

Presented at
2015 Spring Immersive Showcase
Gray Art + Technology
San Francisco, CA

Custom software
Ableton Live
DSLR Footage
Depth Camera
Field Recordings

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