  insolution
  ecco screen
  interactive art installation, 2015

insolution is a motion based interactive installation. In chemistry, a solution is the result of one substance, the solute, dissolving evenly into another substance, the solvent, without changing its chemical composition. When an observer, in this case the solute, enters the frame, the outer lining of their body begins to rapidly dissolve and disperse across the screen in a way that closely resembles the solution process.

This same solution process can be witnessed in society where communities are being dissolved due to gentrification, outliers are constantly being cast away, foreign countries become victims to daily bombardment, but yet we're all chemically composed of the same substances.

This project intends to question these issues by visualizing it in this state of dissolution.

Presented atCodame ART + TECH Festival: MOVEMENT
San Francisco, CA 

custom software
depth camera

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