  celestial collisions
  ecco screen & can buyukberber
  interactive installation, 2017

celestial collisions is an interactive installation featuring a large canvas filled with moving clouds. As users enter the picture, the clouds begin to pump at their location giving it a more organic look.

It features a monochromatic aesthetic and a metallic texture that over time, evolves into a characteristic resembling narrow stips of tape, web-like strands, or generating a completely new quality.

The behavior and physics of each strand change on its own accord. Going from tight and resilient harp strings, to the buoyant and weightless essence of aquatic plants. Fundamentally giving strands a lifelike and organic feel, but of an alien nature. Its appearance never repeats and is ever evolving.

Premiered at MUSE in San Francisco, CA


custom software
depth camera

Can Buyukberber
Production by: Madrone Studios

© ecco screen