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canvases is a real-time previsualization developed in TouchDesigner for a set of 6 LED panels controlled by DMX signalling. It can pull in any visual media whether it’s generative, video, or images and display it on the virtual LED panels in a pixelized fashion which map directly to each box.

It also features an early version of a post-processing suite I put together called post polish - inspired by Unity3D’s PostProcessing stack - which all run real time at a consistent frame rate of 60 fps. It features physically accurate depth of field with bokeh, tonemapping with multiple curves including ACES film, screen space reflections, film grain emulation, lens distortion with chromatic abberation, screen space ambient occlusion.

There’s also a GLSL shader creating a subtle water ripple effect on the floor. As well as on the star like particles which helps bring out a more prominent bokeh effect.

Images of the physical LED panels (built by David B. Anthony):

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