  bounding main
  ecco screen
  interactive installation, 2017

A large stretch of water stands vertically facing the environment, seemingly calm at first sight. As a person approaches, their reflection begins to emerge from the depths of the ocean, creating an endless amount of waves along with it. Bubbles emanate directly from their body, spreading chaotically underneath the surface.
bounding main is an interactive installation presented as a wide vertically standing water mirror. The surface lit up with crisp contrasting blue tones and natural wave patterns via projected light. The sun occasionally bends through these waves, resting its light rays on the viewer’s eyes. 

Users will be able to see themselves in the water and wade their way to the edge of the surface, never fully emerging due to the chaotic force of the waves acting against them. Yet this environment still retains a soothing quality to it, inviting the user to carefully explore this mysterious subaquatic territory.

Nov 2016. Muse @ The Village. San Francisco, CA 
Dec 2016. Terra Gallery. San Francisco, CA
Dec 2016. The Big Ball Drop NYE w/ Lil Dicky. San Francisco, CA
Feb 2017. Igloofest. Montreal, Canada
Mar 2017. Luminary @ Midway Gallery. San Francisco, CA
June 2017. Dimensions @ Mirus Gallery. San Francisco, CA
July 2017. Tunnel Vision @ Dupont Underground. Washington, DC
Feb 2018. Teknopolis 2018 @ Brooklyn Academy of Music. Brooklyn, NY

Featured talk at INSTINT 2017 New Orleans, LA
Featured talk at Binary Salon San Francisco, CA
Featured talk at Tech Poetics: Github San Francisco, CA

Previsualization made in Sketchup and Photoshop
Actual shot taken at MUSE 2016

© ecco screen