write me anything. questions you may have on anything. collaborations. ideas. if you’re looking to join the team. wanting to book an installation or a/v or hire me. or just want to say hi and tell me how your day was. send an email.
for event bookings please contact a month and a half in advance. 
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upcoming exhibitions

July 26. Dolby Gallery. San Francisco, CA
July 20-22. New Media Art & Sound Summit. Austin, TX

June 15-16. Light.wav. Sacramento, CA

selected exhibitions

fade. Mutek SF. Midway Gallery. San Francisco, CA
bounding main, fade+, generis, insolution, strands. Teknopolis @ Brooklyn Academy of Music. Brooklyn, NY

jessica. Lights Out @ Pier 70. San Francisco.
bloom, fade, and rain. Tunnel Vision @ Dupont Underground. Washington, DC

fade, bounding main, and rain. Dimensions @ Mirus Gallery. San Francisco, CA

celestial collisions. ArtFutura Roma: Creature Digitali @ Ex Dogana. Rome, Italy. April 29 - September 10
bounding main.
Future Fires: Luminary. San Francisco, CA

something. Next Art Night @ Playa Studios. Los Angeles, CA
mood roads.
Sundance Festival. Park City, Utah
bounding main.
Igloofest. Montreal, Canada

celestial collisions. The Big Ball Drop @ The Village. San Francisco, CA


celestial collisions.  Muse Two @ The Village. San Francisco, CA
bounding main. Terra Gallery. San Francisco, CA
bounding main. Muse @ The Village. San Francisco, CA

rain. Muse. @ The Village. San Francisco, CA

rain. The Art of Dying. @ The Laundry. San Francisco, CA
strands. The Art of Dying. @ The Laundry. San Francisco, CA
Next Art Night. @ Mophonics. Los Angeles, CA

bloom a/v with Brodinski, Ryan Hemsworth, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.  Outlines tour. San Francisco, CA
tell me a/v. with Bandaloop. @ SF Public Canvas. San Francisco, CA
blue leaves a/v with The M Machine. Summer Pulse. @ The Village. San Francisco, CA. insolution. Submerse. Oakland, CA.

insolution. Codame ART + TECH Festival: MOVEMENT. @ Monument. San Francisco, CA
generis. LAST Festival @ Stanford University. Palo Alto, CA.
generis. Sentience @ Public Works. San Francisco, CA.
seed. Spring Immersive Showcase. Gray Area Art + Technology. San Francisco, CA

some of the people i’ve worked with:

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